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Here at DJN Limited, we employ a highly-skilled and experienced team of metal welders and fabricators with the skills and capability to carry out metal inert gas welding in large quantities. It is a technique which is widely used in the metal welding and fabrication industry on aluminium and light steel and is commonly referred to as MIG welding.


Our skilled workforce can also fabricate using the TIG welding method. Tungsten Inert Gas welding is comparatively more complex and difficult to master and is slower than most other metal welding techniques. However, for those precision finish, high quality products made from mild steel that need an exceptionally neat weld, TIG welding is way to go!


Whether you have a need for spot welding stainless steel or spot-welding aluminium we can provide you with the capacity, skills and techniques to produce your finish, fabricated product to the highest standards economically and safely.